Basic Background Info

Birth: September 4, 1963
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Band: Juggernaut, Riot, Spastic Ink, Halford, Painmuseum, Iced Earth, Sebastian Bach
Genres: Metal, Progressive Rock
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


Born in San Antonio, Texas, Bobby Jarzombek started drumming at age ten. By the time he was in high school, Bobby Jarzombek was playing in local clubs and soon was given the opportunity to join Juggernaut.  Bobby Jarzombek accepted.  Jarzombek recorded two albums with Juggernaut before Riot tapped him for their comeback release. He toured and recorded several albums with Riot, and then he moved on to other projects.

In the mid 1990s, Bobby Jarzombek teamed up with his guitarist brother, Ron, and bassist Pete Perez to form the progressive rock group, Spastic Ink. He began working with Judas Priest's Rob Halford in 1999. During Bobby Jarzombek's tenure with Halford, he toured in support of Iron Maiden, co-headlined Drum Fest in Mexico City, and played the International Percussion Festival in Poland.

After the Halford band, Bobby Jarzombek formed Painmuseum with Mike Chlasciak and released the second Spastic Ink album. He also started a drum video project entitled Performance & Technique. Next, Bobby Jarzombek proceeded to tour with Iced Earth, headlining Belgium's Graspop Metal Meeting and Germany's Bang Your Head!!! festival. Jarzombek has also drummed for Demons & Wizards and Rob Rock.

Most recently, Bobby Jarzombek has toured and recorded with Skid Row's Sebastian Bach.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1986 Baptism Under Fire Juggernaut
1987 Trouble Within Juggernaut
1988 Thundersteel Riot
1990 The Privilege of Power Riot
1992 Riot in Japan-Live!!/Live in Japan!! Riot
1993 Greatest Hits '78-'90 Riot
1993 Nightbreaker Riot
1995 The Brethren of the Long House Riot
1997 Ink Complete Spastic Ink
1997 Inishmore Riot
1997 Angel Eyes EP Riot
1998 Shine On Riot
1999 Sons of Society Riot
2001 Live Insurrection Halford
2002 Resurrection Halford
2002 Crucible Halford
2002 Earth Maker John West
2003 Fourging the Furnace EP Halford
2004 Ink Compatible Spastic Ink
2004 Metal for Life Painmuseum
2005 Holy Hell Rob Rock
2005 Touched by the Crimson King Demons & Wizards
2006 You Have the Right to Remain Violtent EP Painmuseum
2006 Metal God Essentials Vol. 1 Halford
2007 Garden of Chaos Rob Rock
2007 Angel Down Sebastian Bach
2007 Metal God Essentials Vol. 1 Halford
2008 Demons & Wizards/Touched by the Crimson King Demons & Wizards
2008 Let the Truth Be Known George Lynch
2009 Halford III: Winter Songs Halford
2009 Thundersteel/The Priveledge of Power Riot
2010 Halford IV: Made of Metal Halford
2010 Live in Anaheim Halford
2011 Immortal Soul Riot
2011 Kicking & Screaming Sebastian Bach
2011 Live at Saimtama Super Arena Halford
2011 Sympathetic Resonance Arch/Matheos
2013 Darkness in a Deifferent Light Fates Warning
2013 ABachalypse Now Sebastian Bach
2014 Give Em' Hell Sebastian Bach


  • Younger brother Ron plays guitar in the band WatchTower.
  • "He's like an illusionist on the drum kit. It's effortless and entertaining, and he's just brilliant." -Rob Halford describing Bobby Jarzombek
  • "On propulsive scorchers like 'Betrayal' (which begins with a dazzling mini-solo), 'Heretic,' and 'Handing Out Bullets,' the drummer shows astonishing power and precision. The Metal God knows how to pick 'em." -Modern Drummer Magazine on the album Crucible
  • "Bobby Jarzombek is a monster to pull off this kind of dexterous drumming. He wades through the breathtaking linear patterns and riffs of 'Just a Little Bit', and the ridiculous 11/16 grooving and instrumental call-and-answers of 'Multi-Masking.'" -DRUM! Magazine
  • Bobby provided drum tracks (produced by Dave Sardy) for animated film "Monster House."

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Paiste
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Heads: Evans
Sticks: Vic Firth

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