Thomas Pridgen and The Memorials - Interview and Performance

1. Opening Performance
2. Thomas Pridgen and Viveca Hawkins with Host Terry Bozzio - Interview Part 1
3. Thomas Pridgen, Viveca Hawkins and Nick Brewer with Host Terry Bozzio - Interview Part 1
4. Closing Performance


Thomas is on the road doing it his way with The Memorials - all outstanding musicians. They came to the DC Studios to perform live, along with a live chat interview.



56 - Stick Grip Affecting Your Style with Thomas Pridgen
55 - Getting Around Your Set Fast with Thomas Pridgen
54 - Slide Technique and Single Pedal Triple Strokes with Thomas Pridgen
53 - Single Pedal Singles and Doubles with Thomas Pridgen
52 - Not a Secret with Thomas Pridgen