Basic Background Info

Birth: February 12, 1923 - June 6, 1977
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Band: Tommy Reynolds, Georgie Auld, Charlie Parker, Allen Eager, Fats Navarro
Genres: Jazz
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


Arthur Mardigan, born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, was an accomplished jazz drummer. Before serving in the Army between 1943 and 1944, Art Mardigan played with Tommy Reynolds. Following his discharge, Art Mardigan regularly performed within the New York City jazz community. During this time, Art Mardigan played with Georgie Auld, Charlie Parker, Allen Eager, Dexter Gordon, Kai Winding, Wardell Gray, and Fats Navarro.

Throughout the 1950s, Art Mardigan toured with Woody Herman and Pete Rugolo. Art Mardigan led his sextet, which included Al Cohn, to record The Jazz School in 1954. That same year, Art Mardigan recorded with the famed Stan Getz before moving back to Detroit.  Once there, Art Mardigan played with Jack Brokensha. Art Mardigan again recorded with Stan Getz in the 1970s.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1943 Gone with the Wind Dexter Gordon & Fats Navarro
1947 Nostalgia Fats Navarro
1949 Tenor Sax Wardell Gray
1949 Wardell Gray Memorial Album Wardell Gray
1952 Best of The Verve Years, Vol. 1 Stan Getz
1952 Early Autumn Woody Herman
1952 Singin' and Swingin' Annie Ross
1953 Compact Jazz: Getz and Friends Stan Getz
1953 Sings Lullabies of Birdland Chris Connor
1954 At the Shrine Stan Getz
1954 Complete Nocturne Recordings: Jazz in Hollywood... Various Artists
1954 Jimmy Raney Jimmy Raney
1954 Lullabies for Lovers Chris Connor
1954 Quartet Jimmy Raney
1954 Rare, But Well Done Jimmy Rowles
1987 Compact Jazz: Best of the Big Bands Various Artists
1988 In the Middle Georgie Auld & His Orchestra
1990 Handicap Georgie Auld & His Orchestra
1992 Ready-Get Set-Jump Woody Herman & His Orchestra
1993 Best of Musicraft Jazz Various Artists
1994 Either Side of Midnight Various Artists
1995 Mercury Records Jazz Story Various Artists
1995 Scene & Herd in 1952 Woody Herman
1995 Those Fabulous Ladies of Jazz Various Artists
1997 1944-1946 Sarah Vaughan
1998 All About Ronnie Chris Connor
1998 Pure Swing: Hold Your Hats Various Artists
1998 Pure Swing: Jivin' Jams Various Artists
1998 Settin' the Pace Dexter Gordon
1998 Visions of Jazz: A Musical Journey Various Artists
1999 Complete Savoy & Dial Master Takes Dexter Gordon
1999 Complete Works Tony Fruscella
1999 Engine Room: A History of Jazz Drumming From Storyville Various Artists
1999 History of Jazz Drumming, Vol. 4 Various Artists
2000 From Swing to Bebop Various Artists
2001 Complete Musicraft Master Takes Sarah Vaughan
2001 Dexter's Mood Dexter Gordon
2001 Fats Navarro Story Fats Navarro
2001 Settin' the Pace Dexter Gordon
2001 Woody Herman's Finest Hour Woody Herman
2002 1946-1950 Wardell Gray
2002 Quintessence New York: 1944-1948 Sarah Vaughan
2003 1947-1952 Dexter Gordon
2003 Nature Boy Sarah Vaughan
2003 Standard Times - The Third Herd (1951-1952) Woody Herman
2003 Sure Thing: The Art of Arrangement Neal Hefti
2003 Timeless Dexter Gordon Dexter Gordon
2003 Wardell Gray Story Wardell Gray
2004 1945-1946 Georgie Auld
2004 1946-1951 Georgie Auld
2004 Good Time Blues: The Ultimate Tenor Sax Collection Various Artists
2006 Mosaic Select: Russ Freeman/Pacific Jazz Piano Trios Russ Freeman/Pacific Jazz Piano Trios
2007 1954 Stan Getz
2007 Essential Collection Stan Getz
2008 Anthology, 1952-1955 Stan Getz


  • Elvin Jones on Art Mardigan: "I used to go to the club and listen to Wardell Gray and all these cats. Art Mardigan was the drummer, and he was always very friendly and helpful to me. He used to ask me to sit in, but I would never do it. I thought it was presumptuous to sit in with these musicians, because to me, they were the greatest people I knew."

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