Tim Yeung: About Drumming, Career and Friends

Tim Yeung on Drum Channel

Tim Yeung: About Drumming, Career and Friends

    Metal drummer Tim Yeung started playing the drums when he was twelve years old, and he has always been into Rock'n'Roll and Heavy Metal since he was a kid. Originally, from New York, Tim Yeung decided to move to sunny California six years ago. Starting with some local shows in his hometown, he found some serious and dedicated players and things escalated from there. Tim ended up hooking up with Erik Rutan and doing Hate Eternal. With Hate Eternal, Tim recorded his first album "Conquering the Throne" in 1999 and that is how he really got his start of being an international musician. Can you imagine Tim auditioned at the age of only 18 back in 1997?

About his musical goals for 2011, Tim says:

"Well, I’m going to have a really busy schedule with Morbid Angel this year. For the people who don’t know: I have just finished doing all the drums for the new, upcoming Morbid Angel album. We are hoping for an early spring release and we are going to be doing a lot of touring everywhere. Aside from that, I want to continue with doing more drum clinics as well. I did a few last year and we are working on doing those. I am also working on getting my signature snare drum in production – that should happen sometime around spring as well.

As if that were not enough, Tim Yeung is about to get a car business rolling and started to ship muscle cars and hot rods over to Sweden. He actually shipped the first car in 2010. Getting the car business rolling is one of Tim's personal goals for 2011 as well as trying to stay positive and healthy and in a good shape.

Staying healthy and in good shape is a very important topic – in particular for metal drummers. "Playing heavy and fast is demanding and when your body gets older, things change and it's important to take care of yourself and to protect your investment. Anything can happen and you just have to be thankful for what you have and what you can do. Especially being able to make a living playing drums is awesome", says Tim.

So what is Tim actually doing to stay healthy and keep up his speed?

 "Well, I have a little electronic drum kit set up in my living room that I like to mess around with. I don’t really have a set schedule for practicing. I just sit down whenever I feel like it and mess around. Of course, I try to go to the gym and eat healthy, too – just taking care of my body. Drumming is a really physically demanding instrument, so I think it is important to keep yourself in a very good physical and mental condition."

Tim's main focus will always be to make music but he also says that the music industry has changed a lot and that you have to be a little more creative to find other outlets and tour hard to generate extra revenue.

For musicians, touring also means to leave their home and/or family for quite some time. We asked Tim what he thinks about that:

"I think that’s part of touring and part of having this job, which is hard on everybody who does it. It’s always hard to leave your loved ones and your family and go away on tour for half a year. But, we all know what we signed up for when we started doing this, so it’s not really anything new or shocking. It is tough but when I get on the road, I just get into a different zone. I get it done and I know when I’m going to come home. I think it really makes me more appreciative, too, because I don’t have them there every day. I think that makes you a lot more thankful and appreciative to what you have.

By the way, Tim is not the only person in California who is a professional drummer and loves to work with or on cars, but so Dave Elitch and it turns out that he and Tim actually changed the breaks on his car. Dave and Tim are friends and Tim told us that he was also allowed to use Dave's rehearsal room when he didn't have a place to practice.

By Stefan Fischer
February 2, 2011