what is drum channel

what is drum channel

Peter Erskine Master Class: A Work In Progress - Lesson 12 *FREE*

Peter Erskine Master Class: A Work in Progress - FREE LESSON #12

Peter demonstrates and explores How-To's, Hows and Whys of jazz and contemporary drumming. If you're a jazz novice, this is where you'll find the quickest introduction and instruction to jazz drumming. If you're more experienced, these drum lessons will confirm what you know and show you new ways to approach music-making. This is the most complete set of drum lessons Peter has ever done.

Intermediate to Advanced, 16 lessons, 3 hours 51 minutes, 12 month subscription.

Here is the complete list of lessons in Peter’s class - and make sure to check out all of the exceptional Master Classes offered at

Lesson 1 - Jazz Drumming 101
Lesson 2 - Jazz Drumming 101 Cont.
Lesson 3 - Goldilocks & The Three Grooves
Lesson 4 - Competing Thrills Part 1
Lesson 5 - Competing Thrills Part 2
Lesson 6 - The First Brush Lesson
Lesson 7 - From Pulses to Beats
Lesson 8 - More Simple Strokes
Lesson 9 - Adding Notes + Adding Motifs
Lesson 10 - Make Friends & Influence Music
Lesson 11 - Shuffle This
Lesson 12 - Journey to Center of The Blues
Lesson 13 - The Waltz
Lesson 14 - Odd Time Meters
Lesson 15 - Comping, Connecting and Fills
Lesson 16 - Q&A with Don Lombardi