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Show Thumbnail The Chad Smith Show with Hal Blaine & Gregg Bissonette
Part 4

Hal shares more great stories and later heads over to his drumset with Gregg, and Chad to share some of his famous beats and memories.
Show Thumbnail LAMA Reunion

Chaun Horton, Mike Packer, Ralph Humphrey and a few of their students were in the DC Studios for an interview, jam and to discuss LAMA.
Show Thumbnail Aaron Rossi of Ministry with Host Raanen Bozzio

This is a Rebroadcast of our live show with Aaron Rossi of the band Ministry, hosted by Raanen Bozzio in the DC Studios. Learn some valuable information about Aaron's drumming career and see his drum pounding performaces both at the start and end of the show!
Show Thumbnail The Chad Smith Show with Hal Blaine & Gregg Bissonette
Part 3

Hal starts with a joke then goes into the serious subject of how important attitude is for a professional musician. Gregg hits on some of the hits Hal played on and Hal talks about his concept for playing a song.
Show Thumbnail Punk Rock Blowout

This is a Rebroadcast of our live Punk Blowout show with Jordan burns, Dave Raun, Anthony "Tiny" Biuso, and hosted by Raanen Bozzio in the DC Studios. Listen to an amazing interview followed by an unbelievable drum jam.
Show Thumbnail The Chad Smith Show with Hal Blaine & Gregg Bissonette
Part 2

Hal played on the Grammy Record of the Year for 7 years. He tells a great story about how The Wrecking Crew got their name.
Show Thumbnail The Chad Smith Show with Hal Blaine and Gregg Bissonette
Part 1

Hal played on the Grammy Record of the Year for 7 years. He tells a great story about how The Wrecking Crew got their name.
Show Thumbnail Bissonette, Perkins & Potgieter On DC Live

Gregg Bissonette, Stephen Perkins and Cobus Potgieter all met in the DC Studios for an interview and jam.
Show Thumbnail 6 Of The Top Drummers At MI

Curt Bisquera interviewed all 6 of the students as well as a fabulous jam!
Show Thumbnail Hit Like A Girl Contest Winners 2013

This show announced the winners of the Hit Like A Girl Contest 2013.
Show Thumbnail A Visit with Louie Bellson Part 1 - 6

The great Louie Bellson visited Drum Channel a year before he passed away and he reminisced with friends and a great roundtable discussion along with classic stories of his life and legend.
Show Thumbnail Blake Richardson from Between The Buried And Me

Blake Richardson of Between The Buried And Me joined Curt BIsquera for an interview and also played a few tracks from their latest album. He tells some great stories about touring and life on the road. He also gave some great tips behind the drums answering questions about how he played certain beats.
Show Thumbnail Gregg Bissonette and Don Lombardi

Gregg does an interview with Don that turns into a lesson along with a surprise chat question from Joe Satriani. As always Gregg is a wealth of information along with being one of the best and most versatile drummers in the world.
Show Thumbnail Tim Yeung and Cobus Potgieter

Tim Yeung of Morbid Angel joined Cobus for an interview in the DC Studios. He performed an amazing solo and closed the show with a great drum jam.
Show Thumbnail Guitar Center Drum Off Winner 2012

Juan Carlos Mendoza is the winner of the 2012 Guitar Center Drum-Off. Part of his prize package was being a special guest on DC Live. It's a great show to watch for aspiring contestants as he shares great ideas on what it takes to win. He plays a drum jam with Terry Bozzio and you will see his winning solo.
Show Thumbnail Abbos Kosimov &Terry Bozzio

Abbos is a master of Dorya. You have to see it to believe it! He joined Terry for a great interview and jam.
Show Thumbnail Gergo Borlai with Host Terry Bozzio
Gergo is a very popular Hungarian drummer who joined Terry Bozzio in the DC studios for an interview and incredible jam!

Show Thumbnail The Chad Smith Show with Kenny Aronoff

In this episode of The Chad Smith Show, Kenny sits down with Chad for some in-depth discussion of the ins and outs of the music industry, what it takes to stay at the top of your game and how to have fun while you're at it. Kenny also joins Chad with The Bombastic Meatbats for a rockin', high-impact jam session.
Show Thumbnail Eric Moore Interview & Performance

Eric took a quick break from Suicidal Tendencies to talk about what he has done to become a pro and he answers the question, “What is Gospel Chops?” Great, blistering performance and interview.
AAF Frank Zummo, Adam Alt & Bobby Alt of Street Drum Corps (with 5-UP DC Player) *FREE*

Trash rockers Frank Zummo, Bobby Alt and Adam Alt of Street Drum Corps get loud in the DC Studio with a performance and interview with Host Terry Bozzio.
Atom Willard Thumbnail Cobus Potgieter and Atom Willard

Atom Willard (Angels & Airwaves, The Offspring) visits DC to talk with Cobus about writing drum parts for original material and performing with Angels & Airwaves. There is also a drum duet/jam and a surprise performance at the end.
Show Thumbnail Narada Michael Walden with Host Don Lombardi Part 1
Narada discusses the importance of listening to classic records. He also discusses his life changing experience when joining the Mahavishnu Orchestra and meeting his guru Sri Chinmoy. Narada also discusses the importance of time, discusses funk and the importance of being yourself along with the importance of having a jazz influence in your playing.
Show Thumbnail Hannah Ford and Nik West on DC LIVE with Host Cobus Potgieter

Hannah Ford and bassist/vocalist Nik West join together in a performance and chat with a great band.
Show Thumbnail Chad Smith RHCP Concert Pt. 1

Don Lombardi meets Chad Smith Backstage at the Red Hot Chili Peppers Concert in San Diego. This is part one of his interview.
Show Thumbnail Tony Royster Jr. and Dennis Chambers Drum Jam

Jay-Z's drummer Tony Royster, Jr. and Dennis Chambers go off on this exclusive DC Drum Jam.
Show Thumbnail Neil Peart, Doane Perry & Terry Bozzio Drum Jam

Neil Peart, Doane Perry and Terry Bozzio get together for a stunningly fluid and musical drum jam in the DC Studio. This jam is part of the full DC LIVE show, also available in DC Shows.
Show Thumbnail Thomas Pridgen and Thomas Lang Drum Jam

Thomas Pridgen of The Mars Volta goes head-to-head with Austrian drummer Thomas Lang.
Show Thumbnail Marco Minnemann and Johnny Rabb Drum Jam

Check out this three part Drum Jam plus bonus edit with Marco and Johnny in the DC Studios.
Show Thumbnail Thomas Pridgen with The Memorials

Thomas is on the road doing it his way with The Memorials - all outstanding musicians. They perform live at the DC Studios, along with a live chat interview. The Memorials are Thomas Pridgen, Viveca Hawkins and Nick Brewer.
AAF Alien Ant Farm with Mike Cosgrove

The original members Mike Cosgrove, Dryden Mitchell, Terry Corso and Tye Zamora of Alien Ant Farm come together to kick off their long tour on Drum Channel.
Show Thumbnail Stephen Perkins, Taylor Hawkins, Chad Smith, Gary Novak & Terry Bozzio Drum Jam

Five huge drumming personalities come together for an epic drum jam at the DC Studios.