Cobus Potgieter on DC LIVE w/ Host Terry Bozzio - Part 3

Cobus' favorite drummer Tony Royster Jr. surprises Cobus and joins in the interview in Part 3.

Cobus Potgieter is not a "professional" drummer. He's been playing since 2002 and has never had any formal lessons. He's just a guy that loves drumming, has admiration and respect for the craft, and has a desire to be the best he can possibly be.

All of the videos on his YouTube channel are independently produced, performed, recorded, set up, edited, mixed, mastered, and uploaded by Cobus. Through his passion for drumming he has gained sponsorships and a loyal following, with an unbelievable 65 million upload views, and over 200,000 subscribers who look forward to each and every one of the enthusiastic drum covers he creates. Bravo!

Click here to see Cobus on his YouTube channel and see how it all got started.

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