The rudiments are exercises (like practicing scales on a piano) that will allow drummers to play various patterns and rhythms on the drumset. This is a list of DC rudiments and the way great drummers use them. You can start by practicing the sticking patterns. To master them, you should go over all lessons in Technique - Rudiments- Hands which is one of the most unique of the 6 learning centers. Chad Wackerman's Master Class "The Murray Spivack Method" is a system of learning that will also teach you the rudiments. New live and on-demand lessons weekly.


Rudiments On Pad And Set - By Ralph Humphrey


Hands - Lesson 22 - The Long Roll - DC Rudiment #1

Hands - Lesson 23 - Multiple Bounce (Buzz) Motion

Hands - Lesson 24 - Multiple Bounce (Buzz Roll) Motion - DC Rudiment #2

Hands - Lesson 25 - Single Stroke Development

Hands - Lesson 26 - Single Stroke Development Into Triplets

Hands - Lesson 27 - Single Stroke Roll Development - DC Rudiment #3

Hands - Lesson 28 - Intro to Syncopation Using Single Strokes

Hands - Lesson 29 - The 3-Stroke Ruff - DC Rudiment #4 *FREE*

Hands - Lesson 30 - The 4-Stroke Ruff - DC Rudiment #5

Hands - Lesson 31 - The 5-Stroke Open & Closed Roll - DC Rudiment #6

Hands - Lesson 32 - The 6-Stroke Open & Closed Roll - DC Rudiment #7

Hands - Lesson 33 - The 7-Stroke Motion Open & Closed Roll - DC Rudiment #8

Hands - Lesson 34 - The 9-Stroke Open & Closed Roll - DC Rudiment #9

Hands - Lesson 35 - The 10-Stroke Open & Closed Roll - DC Rudiment #10

Hands - Lesson 36 - Introduce the Flam - DC Rudiment #11 *DOWNLOAD WORKBOOK HERE*

Hands - Lesson 37 - The Flam Tap - DC Rudiment #12

Hands - Lesson 38 - The Flam Accent - DC Rudiment #13

Hands - Lesson 39 - The Flamacue - DC Rudiment #14

Hands - Lesson 40 - The Drag - DC Rudiment #15

Hands - Lesson 41 - The Single Drag - DC Rudiment #16

Hands - Lesson 42 - The Double Drag - DC Rudiment #17

Hands - Lesson 43 - The Single Paradiddle - DC Rudiment #18 *FREE*

Hands - Lesson 44 - The Single Paradiddle-Diddle - DC Rudiment #19

Hands - Lesson 45 - The Double Paradiddle - DC Rudiment #20

Hands - Lesson 46 - The Double Paradiddle-Diddle - DC Rudiment #21

Hands - Lesson 47 - The Triple Paradiddle - DC Rudiment #22


Rudiment Patterns On Set


Show Thumbnail 128 – Paradiddle - Diddle with Gregg Bissonette

Gregg discusses the importance of reading and transcribing which he also covers in detail in his new DVD "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow". This SFTP is playing the paradiddle-diddle RLRRLL on the drumset. Intermediate, 5 minutes.
Rich Redmond 45 - Paradiddle Fills on Snare Drum and Hi-Hat with Eric Moore
With a few days off from touring with Suicidal Tendencies, Eric shows you how he uses a paradiddle as fills by simply sticking between the snare drum and hi-hat, which he also does at blistering speeds. He also shows how changing the bass drum can change the entire feel. Advanced, 6 minutes.
Rich Redmond 36 - Fills Using Paradiddles with Hands and Feet with Matt Halpern *FREE*
Matt shows extended sticking patterns on the pad and combines these patterns on the set, creating fills that sound great by using various hand/foot combinations. Advanced, 10 minutes.
Rich Redmond 34 - Single Paradiddle Between Bass Drum and Snare Drum with Matt Halpern
This lesson introduces you to playing the paradiddle, sticking between your hands and feet to prepare you for grooves and fills. Intermediate, 7 minutes.
Rich Redmond 33 - Paradiddle Stairsteps - Single, Double, Triple with Matt Halpern
Matt plays in the progressive rock band Periphery. In this lesson he displays blistering speed with amazing dynamics as he places the accent at the beginning of each double stroke. Includes workbook download for lessons 33 - 36. Intermediate/Advanced, 10 minutes.
Show Thumbnail 79 - Paradiddle-diddle as a Fill and Groove Part 2 with Jimmy DeGrasso
You have heard this pattern played by many great drummers. Jimmy breaks it down and if you start slowly you will eventually be able to master it. Advanced, 7 minutes.
Show Thumbnail 78 - Paradiddle-diddle as a Fill and Groove Part 1 with Jimmy DeGrasso
When Jimmy is off the road, he teaches at his drum shop San Jose Pro Drum. In this lesson he breaks down multiple independent patterns with the right-left-right-right sticking. It is great for fills and a “big finish,” plus using it in grooves as he explains in the next lesson. Advanced, 7 minutes.
Show Thumbnail 53 - Single Pedal Singles and Doubles with Thomas Pridgen *FREE
Muscle-ing out slow to fast singles and doubles, adding the snare drum with straight and reverse stickings, plus combinations of both will give you a lot to practice. Step 1 is singles, Step 2 is doubles straight and doubles reversed. Intermediate, 5 minutes.
Show Thumbnail 66 - Singles Alternating with Kick Drum with Alex Gonzalez
Alex breaks down what he learned from Terry Bozzio, with singles between the snare and kick. Then he moves into the cymbals and toms. He shows you how he combines these patterns to become one of his favorite fills that he also uses in solos. Also check out the blistering fast grace notes he ads on the kick drum. With DC 5-UP Player. Advanced, 8 minutes.
Show Thumbnail 87 - Five Stroke Roll with Hands with Zoro
Zoro covers many ways to musically use the five stroke roll sticking pattern with your hands as fills and grooves on multiple sound sources. Includes workbook download. Intermediate, 5 minutes.
Show Thumbnail 88 - Five Stroke Roll with Hi-Hat and Bass Drum with Zoro
Substituting the hi-hat and bass drum as part of the five stroke roll takes a basic rudiment to a whole new musical level. It is important to practice this exercise with a metronome to be sure the five stroke roll pattern stays in time. Includes workbook download. Intermediate, 7 minutes.
Show Thumbnail 19 - 3-Stroke Ruff with Double Pedal with Glen Sobel
Starting with basic rock beats, Glen shows you how to add in the auxillary pedal to create a double pedal 3-stroke ruff – it sounds a lot harder than it is. Intermediate-Advanced, 14 minutes.