What is the difference between a Master Class and a Drum Lesson?

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Don Lombardi Drum Channel Article

 There are two ways to learn on DrumChannel.com.

Master Classes are the best drummers in the world, teaching you what they play. The Master Classes are broken into a series of lessons. Most of the classes will take a few months to master and each subscription will allow you three months access to the class.

Drum Lessons are really an online drum school. This unique system has been designed with a curriculum of lessons developed over three years by Ralph Humphrey and Joe Porcaro. This system will improve your technique with classes for Hands, Hands and Feet, and Reading. Each class is broken into semesters based on Fundamental, Intermediate or Advanced skill levels. Each semester is available for three months. The complete course could take the average student around a year. Of course, the more you practice the faster you will learn. Our unique system is the only online drum school of its kind. It is not only a great way to supplement private instruction, but a great way to learn for the beginner or professional who wants to revisit the basics.


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